Over 10 years of manufacturing natural health solutions for pain, skin, breathing and nutrition

A proud record of natural health product innovations
Natures Naturals have been manufacturing natural health products and natural pain relief products since 2004. 
We supply customers all over the World who value a natural, independent lifestyle, through a network of over 50 Authorised Resellers.
Look out for our '100% Natural Product' icon which you will find against most of our products (other than electronic devices). And, as you'd expect, NONE of our products have been tested on animals.


2014 Platinum Award for Best Natural Allergy Product

Natural Health Products

We offer a complete range of natural health products, covering Pain Management, Specialist Nutritional SupplementsBody & Skin CareRespiratory Aids and Travel Care, all of which are completely free from: parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), petrochemicals, steroids and MI (methylisothiazolinone). 


PainSolv® MkV. The world's most portable, natural deep body tissue nerve and muscle stimulator

Innovative and Effective
PainSolv® MkV is more versatile than TENS, Ultrasound and EMS. Unlike Ultrasound and TENS, PainSolv® MkV can be used on prosthetic implants such as knee or hip replacements without any danger of unpleasant side-effects or contraindications. (Click here for Safety Comparison table showing the difference between the various modalities).