Here are just ten compelling reasons why you should consider enhancing your diet with high-quality nutrients and probiotics. 

Fact 1: Modern agricultural approaches 
result in soil being deficient in vital minerals

Fact 2: Supermarket foods are transported over long distances then stored for extended periods before reaching the shelves. Both these practices cause inevitable depletion of vitamins, such as B-complex and C vitamins.


Fact 3: Food processing and preserving for supermarket needs leads to nutrient depletion in our food supply. 


Fact 4: Most fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets are genetically modified to increase visual appeal rather than to enhance nutritional value. 


Fact 5: Modern eating habits, rushed meals, the stresses of the commuter lifestyle all contribute to poor digestion, making it almost impossible for our bodies to extract all the nutrients they need.


Fact 6: Most prescription medications deplete essential nutrients.


Fact 7: Different life-stages present different health challenges and conditions may result in higher needs of certain nutrients.  For example, people who suffer IBS or Crohn's Disease need more good bacteria, folic acid needs tend to be higher during pregnancy, while women going through the menopause can be vulnerable to calcium deficiencies.


Fact 8: Increasing levels of air pollution, chemically-treated water and additives in food result in our bodies needing more nutrients than would normally be required to detoxify and eliminate harmful substances.


Fact 9: Everyone inherits miniscule genetic weaknesses, which results in us needing higher needs for certain nutrients.


Fact 10: Many nutrients have been proven to support the treatment of various health conditions like IBS, Crohn's Diease. high cholesterol, joint problems and much more. 

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